Weekly School Updates



Important Reminder All Families

5th Grade Families

You should have already received middle school application welcome letters either by mail or and or from the school. We sent them home last Friday. If you don’t already have a myschools.nyc account, you can use the code in the letter to create one. Please be reminded the middle school application period opens on January 10th. We do recommend that families create an account to prepare to apply for middle school. On this website you can get general information on middle schools. As of right now it looks like the application process will be similar to last year.

Important Message
The Kindergarten application period began on Wednesday, December 8th and will end on Tuesday January 18th. Families wishing to apply for a kindergarten seat apply through the myschools.nyc website.  Go to the MySchools.nyc website and follow the prompts to begin the application process. You can have this website translated at the top of the page.