Welcome to P.S.133Q!

P.S. 133 Families,

On Thursday, November 3rd, P.S. 133 will virtually be holding our fall Parent-Teacher Conferences via Zoom.  Students will attend school for a half-day, with dismissal taking place by 11:20am, so that staff and families can participate in our two PTC sessions, one from 12:20pm-2:20pm, and the second from 4:30pm-7:30pm. 

  P.S. 133 Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences   Thursday, November 3rd   Session One: 12:20pm – 2:20pm Session Two: 4:30pm-7:30pm  

We will adhere to the following Half-Day bell schedule, where all students will have the opportunity to eat lunch before dismissing for the day by 11:20am. 

P.S. 133 Half-Day Bell Schedule

1st8:00am 8:45am
2nd8:45am 9:30am
3rd   Grades 2-5: Grab and Go Lunch9:30am 10:15am
4th 3K/PK – Lunch in Classrooms K/1 – Lunch in Cafeteria10:15am 11:05am
3K-5th Grade Dismissal11:05am 11:20am

This year, P.S. 133 will be utilizing Canyon Creek Online Scheduler to facilitate the scheduling of appointments for staff and families.  Beginning Wednesday, October 26th through Wednesday, November 2nd, all parents will have the opportunity to access teachers’ appointment schedules online, in order to choose the 9 minute timeslot that works best. 

Please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to schedule your appointments. Remember, the appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should you be unable to arrange a conference with your child’s teacher(s) during the timeframe above, please contact them directly to schedule an alternate meeting date and time.

Please review the following directions in order to access your child’s teachers appointment schedule, and making the appointments that work best for your family. 

 How to make Parent-Teacher Conference Appointments:  
Visit the Canyon Creek Online Scheduler Website: https://www.canyoncreeksoftware.com/scheduler/ny/nyc26/ 
Select P.S. 133Q and click “GO”.
Enter the school password: ps133q Enter your child’s Student ID # (9 Digit OSIS #) – Please contact the main office for assistance
Verify your child’s Birthday.
Choose the teacher(s) with which you want to schedule conferences.
Choose the conference date(s) and times(s) that are available
If you are not able to schedule an appointment, please reach out to the teacher directly.  

In addition to the time you are able to meet with your child’s teacher during Parent-Teacher Conferences, teachers continue to be available by appointment each Tuesday afternoon at 2:20pm during our parent engagement time. 

All teachers individual Zoom links will be shared with the school community by end of day, November 2nd for Parent-Teacher Conferences taking place the following day.  If you do not receive the link to the document by 11/2, please reach out to the main office for assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, or are having difficulty making online appointments, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher, our a member of the administrative TEAM. 


Matthew Paolano

Acting Principal