PS133Q Mission Statement

Mission Statement

P.S. 133Q wants to serve the community by creating life-long learners and building a well-rounded high quality education.  Through collaboration and inquiry we strive to build critical thinkers and a love for learning.  As a school we believe in equity for all by honoring students’ individual talents, academic abilities, cultural identities and social emotional development.  We foster a safe and secure environment where students feel respected, motivated and empowered to work collaboratively to take on challenging rigorous tasks. Here at P.S. 133Q we grow minds in order to build ownership and take on authentic conversations that lead to a deeper understanding.

Instructional Focus

Student Engagement

Theory of Action

“If students are immersed in a supportive school environment,where components of the CASEL Framework are embedded into rigorous classroom instruction, a pathway for students to partake in authentic discourse, where they may question, debate and add on to their peers in both small and large group discussions organically, leading to meaningful and effective feedback to be shared in the classroom setting, resulting in students being fully engaged in authentic, real-world,classroom experiences.”

School Priorities

Supportive Environment and Rigorous Instruction