Welcome Letter from Principal Colon

September 2018

Welcome Back!                                                                                           

Curriculum Days/
Tea and Talk

October 3rd
November 30th
January 17th
March 1st
June 18th

Dear P.S. 133Q Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year in partnership with you. We know that children are most successful when school and home work together to meet their individual needs and share the responsibility for their success. We look forward to building an even stronger home-school partnership this year.   Please mark your calendars with the following dates; we invite you come and share in your child’s education and well and meet with the Principal for Tea and Talk.

What’s New in the 2018 –2019 School Year?

  • We are excited to announce our departmentalization model in fifth grade. Students will receive targeted instruction from teachers supremely qualified in their specific content areas. Through our departmentalization model we have been able to train our math teachers in Algebra for All and will be able to also continue to train our highly qualified literacy teachers in our Teachers College reading and writing curriculum.
  • Here at P.S. 133Q we pride ourselves on educating the whole child. Academics go hand and hand with Physical Education. Research shows that daily physical activity and Physical Education improve academic achievement.  Students who are physically fit do better on tests.  Physically active students have better attention spans, classroom behavior, and attendance.  Physical Education can even improve the school climate.  This year, we have made a commitment to ensuring all students receive at least 130 minutes of Physical Education a week.  Please join me in welcoming Mr. Topsidakis to our staff as the 3-5 Physical Education Teacher.


  • The long awaited construction on the Bellerose playground in finally here. In an effort to ensure our students safety as well as ensure they receive their recommended 20 minutes of recess daily, we have turned the cafeteria space in to a dual purpose room.  Half of the cafeteria will be a space for eating and the other half will be an indoor recess area.  We will be partnering with Asphalt Green and their Recess Enrichment Program to address barriers to physical activity by reclaiming an underutilized part of the school day—recess! Their trained and talented Play Coaches get children physically active through organized games that decrease conflict and increase self-esteem, safety and fun.


  • Last year, the teachers spent the year re-envisioning teaching and learning at our school. We found that children are most interested when they are engaged in inquiry based learning where they can use their prior knowledge to master new skills.  Our children our curious and it is our job to tap into their curiosity and help them develop lifelong skills though hands-on learning and real word problems.  We are excited to announce a new science program that will engage and challenge our students, equipping them with the skills needed to become college and career ready.  Amplify Science is an in classroom, no textbook hands-on learning curriculum that encourages children to read, write and argue like scientists to gain a better understanding of the world, as they gain the skills needed to master the NGSS.


  • Regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success—both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child to earn better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior and have a better chance of graduating from high school. When students are absent for fewer days, their grades and reading skills often improve. Students who attend school regularly also feel more connected to their community, develop important social skills and friendships, and are significantly more likely to graduate from high school, setting them up for a strong future.  But when kids are absent for an average of just two days of school per month, it can have a negative impact. These absences can affect kids as early as Pre-Kindergarten.The Attendance Team is committed to making sure that ALL our students are given the opportunity to succeed.  Parents of students who are absent more the 5 times within the school year will be invited to a meeting with the Attendance Team.  Parents of students who are absent 10 times in a year will receive a house visit from the Dr. Kim, the District 26 Attendance Teacher.  Parents of students with more than 10 absences will be referred to an outside agency for assistance.  Please know that NO absences are excused and students should not be taken out of school for extended vacations.  Every child is expected to attend school daily and be on time for all classes.

We aim to provide each and every student who walks through these doors from Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade an educational experience that aligns to our core values of equity and excellence.

We are so excited to have you back and equally as excited to welcome all of our new families to the school. On my behalf and that of the entire staff at P.S. 133Q, we wish you a very successful and memorable year.


Ms. Colón