Remote Learning

Choosing Remote Instruction for Fall

Families have the option of choosing to have their child attend school solely through remote learning. Schools should assume that students will be attending school in-person as set forth in the school’s selected programming model unless families choose to enroll their child into full-time remote learning.

Process for Choosing Fully Remote Instruction

  • Families can choose full-time remote learning at any time, for any reason, using the Learning Preference(Open external link) online form.
  • To ensure as many families as possible are aware of this form, schools will make best efforts to inform families through their communication channels (including email, social media, phone calls). The DOE will support these efforts by promoting the form through media channels.
  • Families who choose full-time remote learning will be able to reevaluate their choice during certain set time periods to change their preference and have their child to receive in-person instruction instead.
    • These set time periods will be communicated to schools and families at the beginning of the school year.
    • When families choose to switch their student to in-person instruction, schools will make every effort to accommodate these requests based on programming and space capacity.
    • The window will close at least two weeks prior to when the student would switch to in-person instruction to allow schools and families sufficient time to prepare.
    • As always, families can engage with their school leadership if they face unforeseen circumstances or challenges in their learning and can coordinate with their school to make adjustments outside of these set time periods.
  • Schools will have access to real-time reports indicating students who have chosen full-time remote learning
    • Because families can choose full-time remote learning at any time, schools should review these reports on a daily basis.
  • In these same reports, schools will be able to see which families who have chosen full-time remote learning are opting back into in-person instruction for the next set time period.