Principal Nicole Colon



Dear P.S. 133Q Families,

I’d like to take this time to provide you with a little about myself and my background. My educational experience spans from grades K-5, with a specific concentration in mathematics and literacy development, Special Education and academic intervention services. I am a former Math Coach and a Self-Contained Special Education teacher. As an administrator, I have worked as a Senior Academic Specialist, Education Administrator as well as an Assistant Principal at P.S. 188Q. I am elated to bring my skills as an educational leader to P.S. 133Q and to work with you as a partner in education to ensure your child’s success.

Cultivating strong relationships between parents and school staff is a passion of mine. Parents, teachers, and school staff all play a role in helping our children meet and exceed our expectations of them. I am eager to begin working on new innovative ways to engage parents in their students’ academic life.

You will find that my door is always open and I am here to support you in any possible way. Please stop by and say hi See the source image

Educationally yours,

Nicole Colón