Physical Education Grades PreK – 2

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a wonderful, fun-filled and active holiday with your children. During the month of January up to February break, your children will be introduced to bowling. They will learn how to roll a bowling ball for distance, maximum contact with floor, and will learn how to roll the ball at a target (pins) for accuracy. They will learn some of the rules (excluding scoring) so that they can bowl on teams. We will be emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship. I have bowling balls for beginners, intermediate, and advanced bowlers and pins of different weights. Hopefully, they will come home excited about their bowling experience and ask you to take them bowling, maybe even ask you to make them a birthday bowling party. They will still begin every class with a short stretching routine followed by an aerobic workout. We need to get their heart pumping and continue to build up their stamina, strength, and endurance. 

See you on the lanes!

Mrs. Ruchefsky