Physical Education Grades PreK – 2

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a fun-filled and active winter break with your children. Maybe you took them ice skating, skiing, bowling. In the months of March and April, your children will be focusing in on basketball skills. Your children will be practicing how to manipulate and dribble a basketball, emphasis on fingertip control, developing hand/eye coordination. They will be doing skill drills and playing games which will teach them how to perform bounce and chest passes and teach them how to shoot. These skills will be taught in partnerships and teams giving your children an opportunity, once again, to demonstrate good sportsmanship. You can encourage them at home to work on bouncing a ball continuously without stopping and practice throwing and catching with them. Maybe you have a Fisher Price Basketball Hoop at home so they can practice to shoot hoops. The only way we get good at something is by practicing! 


See you on the court,   

Rhoda Ruchefsky

Physical Education K-2

PS 133Q