Party Policy

Party Policy
 In-school birthday celebrations are a simple acknowledgement of a
student’s birthday. The in-school birthday celebration should not be
considered the child’s official birthday party. In school parties are 15
minutes maximum. Children wishing to share a treat with their classmates
should bring in a small snack and/or a mini-water and/or juice box to
share with their classmates only.
 Approved party snacks include cupcakes/donuts or individually wrapped,
single serving treats (cookies, muffin, etc.) Please note teachers will not
accept whole cakes as treats. Teachers will not accept large water
bottles with cups. Beverages must be in single serving packages.
Teachers will not accept ice cream or frozen desserts for the treat.
 Please send enough treats so every participating student can have the
exact same treat. For example, please do not send 15 cupcakes and 15
cookies for a class of 30. It is better if the parent sends in 30 cupcakes or
30 cookies or both. Also please note, goody bags, balloons and other
decorations are not allowed.
 Parents must let a classroom teacher know about an upcoming birthday
celebration at least two weeks in advance by writing a letter with the
proposed celebration date to the classroom teacher. The teacher will
look at the proposed date for the celebration against the class and
school calendars and determine a good time for the event. At times, the
party may need to be done in advance or after the birth date depending
on the school activities of the day. Teacher will notify parents of children
with allergies of the upcoming food event.
 Once a celebration has been pre-approved by the classroom teacher,
the parent may bring the party snack to school on the morning of the
event. Parents will bring the snack to the main office and it will be
delivered to the classroom.
 Parents should provide enough treats so that each child in the class may
participate. Parents nor siblings will be allowed to participate in the