School Leadership Team Meeting


Thursday, April 18, 2019


Attendance:   N.Colon, J. Trimble, A. Figetakis, R. Sabbagh, K. Wielopolski, R. Schubert, K. Shukla, N. Alli, M. Chaudhry, J. Maderik, K. Lee


Approval of March Minutes:

The March minutes were approved the team. The minutes will be posted to the School Leadership Team bulletin board.


CEP Goals and Alignment to Priority Areas:


The paraprofessionals are currently being utilized to full capacity. Many of our paraprofessionals have been trained in Reading Rescue and are working with individual students for 30 minutes each day. The students are greatly benefitting from this program. The paras involved have taken on the role and are very conscientious and are seeking out learning opportunities to better service the children they are working with.  The schedules of the paraprofessionals change frequently as children move out of the program.


There will be a revamping of the Comprehensive Educational Plan that the school is required to submit each year. There will be a training session to learn about the changes that need to be implemented for the upcoming school year. The CEP is a working document. There will be three mandated school-wide goals:  Mathematics, Literacy and Social Emotional Learning.


School Leadership Team Updates:

  • The March School Leadership Team meeting left many of the members feeling upset and frustrated. As a team, we need to think of the school as a community of learners and not focus on a specific sub-group. When we speak on Leadership we need to be inclusive of all students.
  • As a team, we shared how we felt from the last meeting and how we should proceed going forward so that all SLT members feel heard and their thoughts and opinions validated.
  • We discussed the importance of an inclusionary model with modifications for those students who have different needs. We discussed how modifications were made for different sub-groups in our student body.
  • Going forward an email will be sent to all members so that they have an opportunity to add something to the month’s agenda. When the request is made, we will seek approval for the item to be added to the upcoming agenda.
  • The need for the School Leadership Team Meeting date to be put on the monthly calendar was discussed and going forward we will do so. When the yearly calendar goes out in September the dates will be included on that calendar as well.
  • Discussion ensued around all classes having equal opportunities to be included in any special initiative. The example of the second grade wax museum including all classes this year.
  • As a school community we are all working toward the same goal of having our students achieve success and have instituted many initiatives this year and will continue to modify and enhance instruction so that the needs of each individual student is met.
  • If something comes up that is not on the agenda and you would like to be addressed, we will have a parking lot posted for questions or concerns involving any school related items/initiatives.


Forming A School Leadership Team Charter:

  • Every parent should know that if there is a concern regarding classroom matters to speak with the teacher first before seeking out the Assistant Principal or Principal.
  • SLT should not be a place where members feel- confused, annoyed, or flustered.
  • As a team, we created a charter for SLT

We the SLT of P.S. 133

Should feel respected, appreciated, heard, valued, accomplished and understood.

In order to feel this way, we must be comfortable with updates, create a sense of community, have a common understanding and provide time for all to speak in a structured environment.

  • As a team, we will remind ourselves of this charter monthly and will abide by our charter.


School Updates:

For the 2019/2020 School Year, Fifth grade departmentalization model will continue. There has been positive feedback from parents and students. Departmentalizing gives the teacher an opportunity to be specialized in one area to provide an optimum learning opportunity for students.

  • Next year, there will be four fifth grade classes in the rotation. The students in self-contained special education will also be part of this model.
  • We will follow a middle school model as all schools in D 26 will be part of the departmentalization model following the Algebra 4 All initiative.



  • The Budget is officially closed.
  • All money has been spent.



  • Instructional kidney shaped tables have been purchased for first grade classrooms next year.
  • New libraries were purchased for grades K-2. It is Ms. Colon’s plan to purchase libraries for 3-5 next year with the intention of replacing /refreshing the library every two to three years.
  • The STEAM Fair cost approximately 3-4 thousand dollars.


Gifted and Talented:

  • Colon and Superintendent Guinta along with Central have been discussing the sustainability of our program at P.S. 133
  • Presently we have a Kindergarten with 10 students. Historically Kindergarten Gifted and Talented registration has been low. It is difficult for us to fill seats in the Kindergarten program. Many parents look to other schools that have after school programs and our program has been discussed negatively which also effects our registration.
  • If we phase out the Gifted and Talented, we would not lose any staff members and our budget will not be effected. Housing a Kindergarten with 10 students impacts our budget.
  • A discussion ensued regarding the phasing out of Gifted and Talented in our school and all were in agreement.
  • The discussion revolved around the initiatives taking place now and how we have a rigorous curriculum in all of our classrooms. Therefore, we are challenging our students enough and it should not impact us if we discontinue the G and T program.



  • Delegate Assembly. After the Spring Break, there will be a campaign regarding the Janus decision.
  • John Trimble will be retiring in June.
  • A UFT election will be held to elect a new UFT representative for our school.


DC 37 Updates:

  • None


PTA Updates:

  • None


Next Steps:

  • As a SLT, we will develop a shared definition for rigor
  • Going forward we will have a CS4ALL cluster and our computer room will be maintained for students use.
  • Dismissal Procedures