Art Newsletter

Art Newsletter: May 2019
The school year is nearing its end but the students at P.S.133Q are still shining! Lots from the Art Department to share about upcoming events.
Important Dates to Remember Mark Your Calendars:
*2nd Annual P.S.133Q Community Art and Music Library Show
Bellerose Branch, Hillside Avenue – Duration of show 5/4/19-6/14/19
Opening Night – Thursday, May 9th, 6-7:30pm
2019 Queens Borough Arts Festival
Queens Museum – Celebrating Artwork by the students of Queens County including out 1st Grader, Gabriella Zepeda
Opening Reception – Tuesday, May 7th, 5-8pm
Duration of Exhibition May 8th – 12th
*2nd Annual P.S.133Q Community Art and Music Library Show
Glen Oaks Branch, Union Turnpike – Duration of show 5/11/19-5/31/19
Opening Night – Monday, May 13th, 6-7:30pm
Spring Concert at P.S.133Q
Highlighting Music of Kindergarten – 2nd Grade and artwork by all grades
Friday, May 21st during school hours
P.S.133Q Talent Show
Highlighting the wonderful various talents of our 1st -5th grade students and artwork by all grades
Friday, June 7th, Art exhibition opens at 5:30pm and show begins at 6:00pm
PS Art 2019
The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Celebrating Artwork by the students of NYC including out 1st Grader, Fiorella Alvarado Luz
Tuesday, June 11th, 5-6:30pm
*2nd Annual P.S.133Q Community Art and Music Library Show, a little history and hopefully a good future! – This show was created a year ago to celebrate community as well as to strengthen ties with the local libraries that our students visit and use. It is a two-evening event that showcases the art, music and writing of our students. Students, parents, families and friends come together in the spirit of community to share ideas and thoughts. These wonderful events take place in the free public spaces of our local libraries, Bellerose Branch on Hillside Ave. and Glen Oaks Branch on Union Turnpike. Both events take place during open library hours thus allowing for other community members and library visitors to see and experience the wonderful work created by students of P.S.133Q.
Last year the show featured the artwork of 4th grade students’ animal prints. This year the show will emphasize artworks from kindergarten, 1st, 2nd,4th and 5th grade. This year there will also be P.S. 133Q students performing musical pieces from a variety of grades and poetry readings by 2nd graders.
A quick look at what has been happening in art:
Kindergarten – finishing up their moody fish as they connect feelings, art and color.
1st Grade – almost done bringing dinosaurs back into the world. It’s been a great exploration of both soft and oil pastels.
2nd Grade – entered the world of 3D with their robots relief sculptures and are finishing up their robot worlds with watercolor.
3rd Grade – almost done painting tints and shades and soon their trees of life will be planted and begin to grow.
4th Grade – Identity landscapes are done and the colors and personal cultural designs are beautiful. Imaginary maps are developing as students bring their knowledge of geography into the studio.
5th Grade – The multiple perspectives of Picasso are coming into view and cubism is on the rise again.
And remember look at art, think about art and make art!!
If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to email at or call the school to set up a meeting during Parent Engagement time on Tuesdays 2:20-3:00pm after school.