Art Newsletter

Art Newsletter: December 2018
Hello students and parents/guardians of P.S. 133. The school year is moving along and running smoothly. Art is being made and the students are engaged in the process of creating and reflecting. I am excited about all work the students are producing. The Winter Music and Arts Concert will be on Wednesday, December 19th. Make sure to come view the artwork and enjoy the music.
Also, there will be an art making Parent Engagement Workshop coming up in January. Come reacquaint yourself with the act of drawing as you develop a new heightened sense of perception. Parent Coordinator Mrs. Lee will be sending out a flyer with more information and specifics about dates, so be on the lookout for it.
And as always, we are constantly working on appropriate behavior within the art studio. All students are reminded to BE SAFE, BE POLITE, BE COOPERATIVE, BE RESPONSIBLE and BE KIND. When students work together with a partner or the whole table group, we focus on being helpful by providing positive constructive feedback and kind words of encouragement. And this is where community begins.
A quick look at what has been happening in art:
The students have been focusing on lines, shapes and arrangement the foundations of art making. The students have been exploring lines and shapes that they know as well as ones they can make up and invent. They looked at artists such as Franz Kline, Frank Stella, Joan Miró, Jackson Pollack and Paul Klee. The Shape it Makes, artist book by British artist William Lux was also read and discussed. Students also studied the work of Piet Mondrian to understand arrangement coming up with vocabulary such as above, on top of, below, underneath, beside, next to as well as well as top, bottom, and middle/center.
The students are now working with stencils of shapes they know (can name) and unusual ones as well to create their own crazy creatures as they figure out ways to arrange the pieces and use their imaginations. The focus will be on developing their fine motor skills, arrangement and exercising their imaginations. The drawings will eventually turn into colorful paintings.
1st Grade
The students have been working on their observation skill with an in-depth study of what it means to really look and notice. The students observed and drew from 3D models and 2D images of animals as well as drawing from memory to compare the two different ways of drawing. The students also did upside down drawings of birds as they worked on not naming but really trying to notice just the lines, shapes and how they were connected within the image of the bird. (THEIR DRAWINGS WERE AWESOME!!)
The students are now learning about John James Audubon (1785-1851) naturalist and artist, who for half a century was the country’s dominant wildlife artist. He was one of the first people to describe all of the birds of America through his seminal Birds of American, a collection
of 435 life size prints that are scientifically accurate. The students have chosen their local bird image to study and will be creating their observational paintings using both tempera cakes and regular tempera paint in which they will be mixing their colors.
2nd Grade
Just finished studying artist Faith Ringgold and her story quilts with a focus on the piece Tar Beach. Students used their own family memories to inspire their work. This also connected with classroom writing lessons on small moments and how one can describe with words and images the details of that one moment in time from setting and place to objects and people. This piece ended with a collage component to give the work the feel of a quilt.
The students will continue to work on collage developing their cutting and gluing skills as well as understanding the idea of overlapping. They will be studying the work of Mexican artist Lourdes Villagomez and discovering their own spirit animal.
3rd and 4th Grade
Just finished working on group textile paintings. The students studied textiles of Central and South America with a focus on basic pattern structure and using only straight lines and straight edged shapes. Many rose to the challenge and the beautiful textiles are staring to liven up the hallways.
3rd Grade
Will move into a sculptural group project as they work on individual pieces that then will be displayed as one larger piece. The students will be thinking about the tree of life idea and how to make it their own. There will also be a continuation on studying pattern as well as they dive a little into their own cultural backgrounds.
4th Grade
Will move into studying landscape and be introduced to contemporary Palestinian American artist Jordan Nassar. They will also continue studying pattern as well as they dive a little into their own cultural backgrounds. Color theory and color families will be taught as students work with watercolor and color pencils.
5th Grade
The students are about half way through on their symbolic masks. The students studied Aztec, African, Indian, Mexican and Mardi Gras masks to get an understanding of why masks are used and how symbolism is used within the different masks to convey meaning. The students are using oil pastels now to add color to the masks and a one-point rubric was used to give peer feedback. The students are responding to feedback and working on their masks.
If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to email at or call the school to set up a meeting during Parent Engagement time on Tuesdays 2:20-3:00pm after school.